I'm Calcurt The Dark Force

because I double Ch.Country Lane's The Energizer ROM.

They call me Vader and as Sassy's tricolor son I have been chosen to carry on the Calcurt line.

You saw me at one year on the main page.

But it took three years for me to finally mature.

Here I am looking up

and looking down

and even with my back turned you can see my length of neck

And here is a head study in the spring of 2004.

My pedigree shows the source of my quality. Did you notice Grand Prix six times?

My father says I'm one of his few sons so I have a job to do.

They say I'm producing beautiful puppies.

So this is my son Shadow from one of my first litters.

Now I can produce classic sables but what else can I do?

Well In 2005 I produced a number of quality pups from Calcurt girls so check their links including Sassy's born May 27 and Tipper's born June 12 and Flicker's born July 24. Notice that this time I produced two bicolors so we learned I carry that gene also. This makes me officially a non white factored, bi factored tricolor who can produce any allowed color from the proper girl.

The bi black girl called Mara produced the next generation by my competition Falcon in 2007. Here is Mara's brother Prince from the Flicker litter.

He shows that I can reproduce my own tricolor class.

While his sister Suncroft Out of the Blue called Tara shows my bicolor gene in a clear blue background.

She demonstrates the combination of elegance and soundness we strive to produce.

Then in 2011 I told that beautiful Musashi daughter Sally that we could have a whole litter of tricolors and look what we produced! . Who knows if these are my last but they sure look promising.
Come back soon and see my legacy of quality kids including my two great grandsons listed in the 2012 paragraph.