I'm Calcurt Scarlet Ribbons Lass

And they call me Sophie.

Like the song I was named after I have been an unexpected blessing. And I bring special legacies to Calcurt in many ways. Thanks to Pal I have my 2005 puppies for you to meet. Then Falcon decided to give me a pretty pair in 2006. Although Pals were all mahogany like Falcon's son, they still carry my first legacy which is my bright red color

I was this way right from birth and it comes through my father

Crestwing Magician O' Calcurt

He came by it naturally

through his father

So I grow

And grow

While my friend Tawney watches

He certainly makes me look big which is the second part of my legacy. Here is my grandmother Kaley, Calcurt Curtain Call, at the same stage.

And it all goes back to a Sheltie named Topo Gigio

Shown here in the 1960's he is earning his Championship. If you wonder about the strange name it is because he had been sold and named as a pet due to his huge size as a puppy. But he developed in to a very moderate adult so Ch.TopoGigio became the grandfather of Calcurt Black Angie the mother of Ch.Calcurt Luke ROM. He is of course behind our Rory (Calcurt Rich Reward) who you can see under "roots". This quality still makes Calcurt kids hard to pick since they may look huge as pups and develop into very moderate size quality Shelties.

And now we come to a very important part of my legacy

That "big" pup not only moderated but also developed into the obedience performer her owner, Lynn Thomas had hoped for. Lynn came all the way from Indiana to Northeast PA in order to get an obedience prospect. And Kaley stepped into that position on short notice.

Then she continued from CDX

To that ultimate obedience challenge completed. So we introduce

Calcurt Curtain Call, UD

And Kaley continues in 2006 to top off her awards

Note how she continues to mature in beauty as well as brains. It is typical of Calcurts to take up to three years for full development. Although this requires patience for the owners the net result is a beautiful Sheltie whose qualiy lasts.

My mother Leg O'Sea's Heart's Desire now has her UD.

She also brings another legacy through her father, a showy puppy by Ch.Bertlin Top Gun II ROM

who grew into the beautiful Ch.Two J's Inferno

and brought in the elegance of the Fourwinds line including Ch.Fourwinds Light The Way ROM

who is also behind Ch.Macdega Tiburon ROM the sire of Ch.Macdega Sausalito ROM. So we come full circle.

Check out my pedigree and you will see that if I can live up to this legacy I will have a lot to offer.

So I have decided to live with the grandson Mark Curtis Kim.

And I have joined Calcurt Shenandoah Storm who keeps the family busy

Pal brings in more Calcurt story.

But at five months I would rather just be pretty.

And by seven months I survey my world on a lovely June day.

In 2005 I love to snuggle with Mark and my friend Pal

And I still just like to be my beautiful self.

Keep checking back to watch me develop