Look What Sassy Did!

While we were on a walk and thought Sassy was out of heat, she decided that Rory needed a legacy.
Not one sable like daddy, but the quality we expected.

Don't you agree that we're beautiful at one day old?

We are so big and active we never did need a heating pad.
The boys are on top, blue merle and tricolor. And the smaller tricolor girl is below.

This time the girl is on top and we are a week old.

By three weeks we can look at you
but we still like to hang out (especially Shadow)

By the way we are now, Calcurt Shenandoah Shadow (tri girl with tiny star and strip)
Calcurt Shenandoah Storm (tri boy with plain face)
and Calcurt Shenandoah Silver (the blue boy)

In case you wonder about our names, when our people were on a trip they learned that Shenandoah means Daughter of the Stars. Since our special father traces back to Katie-J's Twinkling Starlight (a Ch.Nashcrest Golden Note daughter)we are proud to carry on. Check out our pedigree.

See how we go on.

Shadow grew up - from a year old pup

to a mature mommy.

Shadow is proud to be a grandmother in 2006. Her beautiful daughter Sally (Calcurt Samurai Silhouetter) by BIS/BISS Pop Star SS of Northern Farm ROM produced three lovely pups by Falcon (Calcurt Bronze Falcon).

And Pal (Calcurt Shenandoah Storm) became a daddy with his first litter by Tipper (Calcurt Wood Mountain Pixie).

He also found a wonderful home with our grandson Mark Kim and a lovely Sheltie lady in Calcurt Scarlet Ribbons Lass (Sophie). Pal says their sable pups are super.

In 2005 Pal thinks life is good.

And the winter snow of 2010 shows how he continues to get more elegant with time in the calcurt style.

So the family continues