I'm Calcurt Silver Sorceress

but they call me Sassy

I was born in May of 1999 and started Calcurt on a Millennium journey. People who have lived at Calcurt sometimes call me "the blue Angie".

They kept telling my family that my pictures didn't do me justice.
I realize I was a baby in this shot.

But they thought I resembled my father Ch.Macdega Asterisk ROM even though I was just a year old.

Of course you've seen lots of me with my kids if you checked the links.

Here I am with my July 2007 litter which you can check out on their own page. By the way do you notice that I am eight years old in this picture? I still look and act like a pup even though I have pups of my own. However my human family thinks that nine years is old enough so check out my final litter. who were born in April 2008.

Here I am on my own at about five years old.

As you see even in the winter I like to show off. It's about time I got my own place.

In the Spring of 2004 I have a grandson to introduce.

I think we have a family look even if he is pure for sable. Check out his mother under Calcurt Sunsprite in 2002 and see his oun page under Calcurt Golden Talisman in 2004.

My pride and joy are my two beautiful sons.

Falcon is the dark sable and Vader the tricolor.

Falcon was from a very special litter by that sable son of Ch.Pop Star SS of Northern Farm, American and Japanese Ch.Rising Dragon of Hitachi Farm. There were three sable merles and one blue merle girl and our dark sable Calcurt The Bronze Falcon. Don't you think he was worth keeping? He now has his own page where you can check on him as an adult.

Vader who was from my very first litter in 2000 brings another special legacy. His father, American and Canadian Ch.Virgo Tommy Tune has an impressive pedigree with strong linebreeding to our favorite Ch.Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix. This combined with my father Ch.Macdega Asterisk, ROM doubles Ch.Country Lane The Energizer. And so our son is Calcurt The Dark Force. Vader is a non white factored tricolor so can be bred to any color female. Be sure to check his web page.

But I am still the source

Keep on watching my family as I do.