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This site is now under transition as a record of Calcurt Shelties and the Curtis family. It may take a while for this to become complete. In order to enjoy the full story you will have to use our many links. They will be underlined words (usually different color) in the paragraphs. For example try "Working" Sheltie above. Some links have lots of pictures and may take a while to download the first time. The updated news will appear a the bottom. We are doing our best to maintain the historical links. Happy clicking!

Our daughter Virginia and husband Stephen are proud parents of our first grandchild, Mark Curtis Tae-Joong Kim born February 25, 1998. That means he is now 17 and will graduate High School this spring. Of course this picture is of younger Mark with his family and Shelties. The red sable Calcurt Scarlet Ribbons Lass (Sophie) joined their first Sheltie the tricolor Calcurt Shenandoah Storm (Pal) and gave us puppies in 2005 (the year this picture was taken). In 2006 Sophie produced Falcon's first puppies. Their daughter Belle decided to live at Millennium Shelties where she promises to carry on the Calcurt connection. There are more recent Mark pictures on Sophie's Page where you can also see Angie's grandfather Ch Topo Gigio.

On June 22, 2007 we were joined by a second grandson, Robert Curtis Sung-Joong Kim.

It is hard to believe that Robert turned eight years old this June. He is shown here celebrating his first birthday in traditional style.

We are so happy to see our dog family and human family continue together. This senior picture collage of Virginia and Dave in 1986 shows how we have always enjoyed our animals. We no longer have Calcurt Arabians but we did enjoy our time with them. The Sheltie is Calcurt Black Talisman, a Luke grandson, who is behind our present line.

These days our son Dr.Dave is a board certified behavior analyst helping others deal with life challenges. Virginia is an elementary counselor at Delaware Valley.

Jeanne McNally of Shamrock Shelties created this kennel sign which welcomes traffic in both directions on our country road.

You may note our kennel name as the producers of Ch Calcurt Luke ROM.We now have some story along with several photos. For those of you with Luke relatives, you may want to learn more about him as a pup. We have included the list of Luke siblings including James and Paul who are in our present day pedigrees.
If you wonder where Luke came from you may want to see his mother Calcurt Black Angie. She has her story as well as photo. This information also tells you about Calcurt's beginnings including Silver Talisman of Pocono CD who is behind three other ROM's. To see the pedigrees click on Luke at the bottom of this main page.
The sign makes me realize that Angie and Luke are still present not only in our current Sheltie family but always in our hearts.

See how our babies grew at Calcurt

We began breeding for quality Shelties in the 1960's (see the Angie page for detail). Our renewed Sheltie activity began in the 1990's with invididuals reaching back to our roots. So we moved towards the millennium and started with those 1999 litters. We grew out three promising ladies. Our March litter gave us Calcurt Cutty Sark Sail, grandaughter of our own Calcurt Rich Reward (Rory, seen in the previous link, roots) and our favorite Ch Macdega Tiburon ROM from his son Ch Macdega Sausalito ROM. Her pedigree doubles such greats as Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM and Ch Fourwinds Light The Way ROM, triples Ch Rockwood's Goldstrike ROM and is five times Jeep's grandfather the Luke son Ch Canden Macdega Coming Home. Cutty matured nicely with that old Sea Isle elegance due to excellent angulation and expression in a moderate 15" package.
.In May Ch Macdega Asterisk ROM. gave us two beautiful girls to keep. Our blue merle Calcurt Silver Sorceress was marked very much like her father with outstanding substance and bone in a balanced smaller size. We named her Sassy because of her "look at me" presence that was hard to ignore. Sassy became our second foundation with two Rory daughters and two non whitefactored sons tricolor and sable to continue the legacy. At this point all our present Shelties trace to Sassy. It is with deep regret that we mourn her loss to cancer in 2011. However she gave us twelve wonderful years and a legacy of offspring to carry on. You can follow her history through the years on this web page. Calcurt Black Cauldron (Callie) the elegant tricolor sister stayed here long enough to be bred to Cutty's brother, Crestwing Magician O'Calcurt (Merlin) and give us Calcurt Wood Mountain Pixie. These pedigrees are six times Ch Macdega The Piano Man ROM, double Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM, five times Ch Canden Macdega Coming Home (Luke), and four times Ch Macdega Maserati ROM with multiple tracings to Ch Macdega Proof Positive ROM as well as Ch Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM, Ch Sundowner's Mr. Bojangles CD ROM, Barwood's Formal Attire ROM and Banchory Reflection ROM.

Millennium Memories

2000 started late but nicely. Sassy produced our first litter of the year; five beautiful boys born October 12, 2000. The sire is Am Can Ch Virgo Tommy Tune, another exciting Energizer son at Macdega. He is four times "Jeep" (Ch Macdega Glanhart Grand Prix, ROM) which continues our link to Luke through Ch Macdega Canden Coming Home. We got three tricolor boys, a blue boy and a surprising bi-blue boy who is Calcurt Titanium. I let two tris go to good homes when I finally decided on my tri to keep,Calcurt The Dark Force (Vader). He has a melting expression with untouched natural ears and carries the soundness we require in a very balanced barely 15" package. His clean head planes just get better and better with maturity. We are pleased with his puppies and the legacy he carried on for many years. Check out 2012 for the next generation of Calcurt boys.
Our second litter of the year came November 8 (just after election). Callie, our tricolor Asterisk daughter was bred to Merlin, a pure for sable Sausalito son, so of course all were mahogany sables. This litter consisted of four boys and three girls. (Callie really outdid her sister and a first litter, too.) These pups combined our two '99 litters with the connection through the magnificent Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix linebreeding for elegance and soundness. All of these pups are in loving homes including Calcurt Wood Mountain Pixie known as "Tipper" who lives nearby and plans to share pups. To see how she grew up check "litter" in 2002.

Babies Onboard for 2001

2001 started with March breedings. Our blue merle Ch Macdega Asterisk ROM daughter bred to our bi black Ch Macdega DeNiro ROM grandson Chipendale Le Chien Noir produced five puppies on May 9 with four bicolors including a bi black girl named Calcurt Charmed Bi Midnight whom we called Panda. The litter was linebred to The Piano Man (especially if you recall that Grand Prix is a Piano Man grandson). This explains why we got so many black and whites and why the bicolor gene continues through Sassy. When fall rolled around and we just couldn't resist the combinations. A sister to Sassy and Callie, Calcurt Lady Gwenhwyvar Tri-Me, came back due to child's allergies. She came in heat just in time to meet Macdega Raconteur, a lovely boy visiting from Japan and one of that combination by Ch Macdega Sausalito ROM and Macdega Rendezvous ROM which had already produced six champions. We had five dark sable puppies, three boys and two girls born November 7. To see how Calcurt babies grow up check out Gwen's litter. Cutty Sark chose Vader to sire his first litter which turned out to be a single tricolor girl born November 12. She made up for small quantity by being great quality, and deserved her own page as Cutty's girl. There are also some family shots including Vader, Cutty and Rory here.
The last fall litter was Sassy's encounter with Rory. This unexpected event culminated in a surprise litter born December 3. Sassy seemed quite pleased with her accomplishment and we are pleased with a quality Rory legacy. All the 2001 kids are in wonderful homes including Sassy's tricolor Rory daughter, Calcurt Shenandoah Shadow who promises to continue the quality. Her brother Calcurt Shenandoah Storm keeps the grandsons happy.

The View from 2002

We started out by recovering from those winter litters which were extra work then but are now sharing love with lots of great people. One of those owners chose two Calcurt girls; Karen Brancheau of StoneFox Shelties took Gwen's pick girl whom we called Dutchess. She also brought home our black and white Sassy daughter Calcurt Charmed Bi Midnight who is now known as Piper. Piper became a UKC Champion and also presented Karen with her first litter by the newly crowned AmCh,U-Gr-Ch StoneFox Days of Thunder, NA, CGC (Turbo) who is a son of Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM. Piper through her daughter StoneFox Talladega is behind Karen's sable Shelties and Turbo is the father of Calcurt Golden Talisman . Getting so close to Jeep who we met as an older fellow really continues our dedication to the quality we admire. The Luke elegance through Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM combined with Fair Play balance through Rory's grandsire Ch Rockwood's Goldstrike ROM is our link to continued Sheltie quality.
Our senior citizen Calcurt Rich Reward who turned 12 in July was bred to two girls that spring and only produced a single sable puppy girl by Sassy named Calcurt Sunsprite on June 22. Rory was officially retired with two daughters, Shadow and Sunny to carry on for us. So we waited until fall to get our litter. After her spring holiday, Cutty Sark was again bred to Vader and produced three bouncing babies on October 25. This is similar to 2001 Cutty's girl so check that out for complete information. These pups are already in new homes. We opened a new chapter with Calcurt Shenandoah Storm (Rory and Sassy) producing his first litter by Calcurt Wood Mountain Pixie (Cutty's brother to Sassy's sister) on December 3. I was so impressed with the quality that Cutty's next litter was slated for him. This young tricolor reminds me so much of Pow and seems to be producing promising pups.

Oh Me, 2003

And then we learned never to trust an old man. In December 2002, Sassy and Shadow were both in heat and although it was Shadow's second, we decided to rest both girls until later breedings. Since Vader was quite excited, we left the girls with old Rory. Well, February 25 (our grandson's birthday) Shadow presented us with two tri boys whom we named Bert and Ernie. Bert now has a 9 year old boy and Ernie a 12 year old girl. On March 8 Sassy followed along with three puppies; a tricolor girl called Cyclone, a flashy blue boy named Blizzard and our first sable merle named Tempest. These guys also have great homes. Cutty was bred to Pal and decided we had enough puppy excitement. On June 4 she presented us with another singleton litter, this time a lovely sable girl we are calling Nancy Whisky (recalling our spirit theme in an old folk song). 2003 was a year that refused to be taken for granted and ended with a promising possibility. Our miracle baby Sunny went to live with Mascova Shelties and was bred to that special Jeep son Am Ch Ukc Gr Ch StoneFox Days of Thunder CGC NA UAgI . On December 28 Sunny had her two babies including a pure for sable boy who we will grow out here and a dark sable girl for Elisabeth. It's early to tell but we are very excited about this Jeep legacy (and Sunny's success to carry on the Rory/Sassy cross). Check out the pedigree under the link for Calcurt Golden Talisman in 2004.

The Score For 2004

We started this year with high hopes. Sassy had skipped a heat and was bred to an exciting visitor from Japan, Am Ch Rising Dragon of Hitachi Farm a promising son of BIS BISS Am Jpn Ch Pop Star SS of Northern Farm Jpn CD ROM who is by Ch Macdega Evergreen from Ch Macdega Sultana ROM. Rising Dragon's dam traces to the lovely Peter son Ch Banchory The Candidate. So these two boys are bringing back some special legacy which Sassy decided to continue. And on April 29 Sassy did it again with five beautiful babies mostly merles. We had a dark sable boy, a blue girl, and three sable merles. To see more pictures of their mom check Sassy's Page . After careful consideration we decided to grow out the sable male. We also have Sassy's sable grandson Calcurt Golden Talisman (Tawney) who is a Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM grandson and now living with us. And we are ready to share another promising legacy. Her name is Calcurt Scarlet Ribbons Lass (Sophie). She was born late 2003 and in January we made a trip through a snowstorm to Indiana to bring her here. She brings an obedience background we are proud to reconnect since we did get three CD's and a CDX in our early Sheltie years. She also brings the breed legacy through Ch Topo Gigio, Calcurt Black Angie's grandfather shown on Sophie's page. And so we ended up with just one litter here but a lot to look forward to as time goes on.

Oh My 2005

Family situations filled the early part of this year. But Sassy was bred at Easter and presented us with four wonderful puppies on May 27. They have stories to tell including some Sheltie history so check our their page. On June 12 we had another litter by Vader from Calcurt Wood Mountain Pixie (Tipper). On July 24 Calcurt Mystic Flicker from Sassy's sable merle crew decided we needed one more Vader legacy . The Sassy litter was born here but the Tipper and Flicker litters were at their mothers' homes. Then Sophie and Pal came to visit with us this fall and September 15 Sophie presented us with more Calcurt babies. After a quiet time in 2004 we certainly were busy this year. We are pleased to have placed several promising youngsters with wonderful families.

The Picks for 2006

The year started quietly. Sophie decided to play with Falcon this year and gave us just two pups in mid May and the boy named Beau has his new home. The girl Belle decided to stay with us since her mother wants to play with our grandson instead of puppies. Belle enjoyed growing up with our Sassy grandaughter Sally by BIS BISS Am Jpn Ch Pop Star SS of Northern Farm Jpn CD ROM (Musashi). And just when I thought we were going to have a quiet year, Sally decided that she was grown up and Falcon needed another litter, three promising pups born December 9. We are beginning to get excited about what Falcon is producing. Although the numbers are still small the quality is outstanding. That made 2006 a quiet time for us but a banner year for Falcon.

Hello 2007

As you note from the top of the page we introduced our new grandson in 2007. On the Sheltie side we began this year growing out some really promising youngsters including our Sally duo and a pretty blue we called Tinsel out of Falcon's sister Skylark by Ch Norwood Mainstay Royal Caliber. We also began watching a very unusual litter by Falcon's other sister Flicker. In the middle of our family activity Sassy presented us with a litter of three pretty girls on July 7, a tricolor a blue merle and a sable merle. These lovely ladies stayed together with our friend Lynn Rich who gave us Calcurt Rich Reward so long ago. Sassy girls have become "the charmed ones" Piper, Phoebe and Paige. Check their contributions starting in 2010. Holly was renamed Calcurt Brass Buttons and went to live with sister Belle at Millennium Shelties. These first Falcon kids are showing outstanding quality and we are pleased to announce that he now has his own page so be sure to check it out. Looks like fall became quiet except for a friend who produced a lovely litter of bi factored Falcon pups born in September, two tri boys, a tri girl, a sable girl and a blue merle girl. We continued to be pleased with Falcon as a dad.

Results of our Wait in 2008

Another year and we watched our youngest grandson grow. We were also watching for puppies back from carefully placed girls. We still enjoed connecting people with Shelties but were happy to see others do more of the activity. However Sassy said "One more time" and decided to produce her final litter on April 12. By June these all found forever homes. Since our wonderful Sassy became nine that May she was then officially retired. In the process we did her OFA which came out GOOD at 116 months. Atta girl Sassy! After concentrated breeding centering on Sassy and setting the type we prefer, it became time for select outscossing. We saw sable girls from Falcon's Belle by Am Can Ch Dan Dee Love of the Game. Also Sassy's daughter Echo produced exceptional babies by Ch Fortunate Son on April 24. The tri girl named Calcurt Forward Momentum (Taura) is nearby at Darkmoon Shelties while the bi blue went to Shadowood Shelties in Ohio. We are so pleased to see the Calcurt kids out with wonderful people who will continue the quality. This year ended the Sassy production and placed some quality relatives in responsible homes. We continued to share our Shelties with special people.

Quiet and Fine in 2009

With Sassy retired and our family growing we spent much of this year watching. Family activities continued to keep us busy while the Shelties held out until fall. Our only litter was from the Musashi/Skylark daughter Calcurt Blue Bird of Paradise. Both pups were quickly snatched up by super homes. The little girl lives nearby and perhaps will add to generations as time goes on. Other people also produced their Calcurt legacy including a near Thanksgiving litter by BISS Am.Can.UKC.Ch.Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC from the Ch.Fortunate Son bi blue daughter who went to Shadowood in 2008 . We're keeping our eyes on a bi black boy. These are the outcrosses we promised but as you can see it is still "all in the family".

And Then it is 2010

Once again friends continued doing the Calcurt legacy with two of the Falcon/Sassy "charmed ones" bringing in spring babies. The sable merle from Phoebe was pick of her litter and the bi black from Piper was pick of hers. Bi black? Yes. Seems like that bicolor gene was beginning to express itself more and more thanks Piano Man and Nadia. Not a bad legacy we think. And speaking of legacy just before summer solstice on June 18 Sally presented us with three flashy sable Falcon sons. These are full brothers to the 2006 litter so you can see their pedigree and older sister Buttons there. We had some human health issues at home so appreciated the support and contributions of other dedicated breeders.

Heavens! it's 2011

Human health continued to be an issue at Calcurt but Sally decided it was time we had puppies. Here we are with six special tricolors linebred Calcurt quality back to our origins especially through Jeep and up to their grandsire Musashi. These were born March 2 and demonstrated the quality we had planned from this combination. Our wonderful Sassy decided to quit eating due to cancer and we made the difficult decision to respect her desire to leave us after twelve wonderful years. Her grandaughter Calcurt Enchanted Flight (Wendy) decided to help fill our empty space and her father Falcon continued to produce Sassy's quality.

Oh well 2012

This year continued the change in human and canine families. Bob Curtis celebrated 80 wonderful years with his family and friends May 7, 2012. Vader relinquished his position as Sheltie king to two half brothers. Desi, Calcurt Designed by Monet, the impressive bi black by BISS Am Can UKC Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC we introduced in 2009. He now proved to be a quality sire with his beautiful daugher Calcurt Silver Sequins. She represented the Silver Sorceress quality from Calcurt. We could not resist the younger tricolor boy by Am GCH Ireland's Aviator who we named Calcurt Jet Set. Jet complemented our linebreeding to Jeep, Am Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM ROMC with the addition of Musashi, Am Can JCC GCH Pop Star SS of Northern Farm Jpn CD ROM ROMC. Both these boys trace to Sassy through Vader by their mother Calcurt Marquee Diamond in the Ruff. Check her out as baby Marlee at the bottom of the family page. So we continued with quality outcrosses to the Calcurt line.

2013 Change of Scene

This was when Sheltie time ended. More will be added. Basically Jet and Wendy are with Lynn in Indiana and Desi with Lynn in Connecticut. The line carries on. You can e-mail and we will let you know what is available.

2014 Saint Louis MO

Health Care for Bob required this change. While he was in and out of hospitals and rehabs we did get to enjoy the Zoo, Botanical Garden, Art Museum and Science Center especially with visiting family. Pictures later.

2015 50 Years and Goodbye

June was goodbye to the house and kennel. July 10 was our 50 year wedding anniversary. And August 5 Bob crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The links above show generations of Shelties welcoming him.

Although we no longer have our Himalayan cat family, our dear Tiger left his page for memories with two pictures one of which he grudgingly shares with our 1990 female foundation Sheltie, Calcurt Carry On. There is information on her for the Shelie people.

Check out these Sheltie reference sites. The most comprehensive is EverythingSheltie offering various links for information including a pedigree service which can research up to eight generations including siblings and progeny. Try this one for Luke . For current show awards with a link for up to date Register of Merit producers visit New Shetland Sheepdog Titleholders . And to top it off go to the classic site Sue Bowling's Sheltie Links filled with history pictures and pedigrees of many great Shelties including Luke.

We also would like to share information about a special supplement called NuVet. We never thought our Shelties needed anything but a top quality food source. However experience has shown us that this daily treat really adds to their quality of life and longevity by keeping their immune system at its peak. Check out link, read the testimonials, and feel free to ask questions.

Remember we do regular updates so do keep in touch.

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