Gwen's Litter

Mother: Calcurt Lady Gwenhwyvar Tri-Me

On November 7 our Asterisk daughter presented us with an exciting litter by Macdega Raconteur. He is pure for sable so we are all dark sables but at this point mother's black is strong and you would think we were tricolors.

The little ones are doing well at two days old, and mother is relaxing after her experience. We now have names. Middle top is Lord and just below him is Lady. Far right is Dutchess with Duke lower left. That leaves Earl who is top left. We certainly look black at this age but the tan tummies give a hint of sable to come. We hope you will watch us as we grow. Mom says we're tiring her out already.

Here is our pedigree.

And here we are at one week all together just for fun and because we no longer need the heating pad for warmth, too. Bet you think we're black.

At two weeks our eyes are open and we get our own pictures.
Do you recognize us? It's Duke, Lord and Lady on top left to right
with Earl and Dutchess bottom left to right.

Mom says we have grown a lot. Do you agree?

Three weeks means we are beginning to look like little dogs. Our faces are also showing our true sable color. Lady decided to hang out by herself with Duke so he gets in twice. From left to right you are looking at Lord, Duke, Dutchess, Earl and then Lady and Duke again.

At four weeks we have moved to a bigger area where we're getting so active. In the first shot the girls are looking away but Lord, Duke and Earl (top to bottom) are checking in. The second shot shows Lord in profile with Lady and Dutchess looking at you (left to right) and Earl at the bottom.

Five weeks means kindergarten where we can really play.

We even get a snack at school.

But we still eat and sleep at home.

As our tricolor friend is only five days younger and a single pup, we sometimes have a one room schoolhouse with both moms present. Check out Calcurt Evening Tide for more pictures of Eve and her mom Cutty Sark. We think it's funny that we are brown with a black mom while she is black with a brown mom. At least you get a better idea of what our color will be when we grow up since Cutty was just like us as a pup. Do you recognize Lady by Gwen while Duke and Dutchess are looking at Eve?

We're almost six weeks old and outgrowing our schoolhouse. Keep looking for our six week shots in our new place.

Nearing eight weeks and ready to go to our new homes, we had portraits done before we left. Do you recognize who is who?

All in order now - Lord (now Cocoa), Lady, Duke (now Riley), Dutchess(now Charm) and Earl (now Buddy).