Hello World

Momma did it again. I am the one and only, another tricolor lady.
Here I am at two days. Watch to see me grow.

Now that I'm a week old I don't need the heating pad.
I even have my own toy to keep me company when Mom's out.

I'm two weeks old so I get two views since there is only one of me. I also have a name, Calcurt Evening Tide.
They will call me Eve.

Look what three weeks has done for me. I now can play with my toy.

I'm almost four weeks and those other kids (see Gwen's litter)
are off to school. When they're not present, Mom lets me check it out.

It is amazing what a few days can do for a pup like me.
Now I'm big enough to play with everyone, but I still think Mom's the best

Here is my pedigree

My parents are proud of me.

And even greatgrandpa Rory (Calcurt Rich Reward) thinks I was a good idea.