Falcon continues to please us with pretty pups

This time the mommy is an apparent bi black but probably cryptic blue Vader daughter called Zoe. This combines our two boys in an impressive pedigree.

Their owner Steve describes the babies at about a month old.

This is Neena, which is African for "Little Girl". She was the first born (#1 of 5) and the smallest of the litter. She has a very calm and pleasant manner but when the boys want to wrestle or roughhouse she is right in there with them.

This is Howie the first male born (#2 of 5) he is a very self confident, very pretty and as the photo shows a very active male. He is one of the bigger puppies and has been on the go from day one. He is alert and aware of his surroundings and has been since birth.

This is Chase the third puppy and second male born (#3 of 5). Chase loves to follow my son around the house and play. He is fun loving and very soft and cuddly. He has excellent markings and his build is along the small size.

This is Maya which is Indian for "Goddess" she was the fourth born (#4 of 5). She is a very confident and active little girl. She is along the smaller in size with great markings and a very soft coat.

This is Marsh-Merle everyone's favorite she is a softball of amazing fur with a playful attitude that is non stop. She is number five (#5 of 5). She takes back seat to no one, she is always in the middle when ever they play and they all sleep sunggled up close to her.

These babies were born September 17 and will be ready to go mid November. See how they have grown!

Still in order are Neena, Howie, Chase, Maya and MarshMerle.

So it is already Thanksgiving time and we want you to know how thankful we are to have wonderful forever homes.