Calcurt Sunsprite

I was almost an angel

Instead I decided to try breathing which was pretty hard since I was out of my sack inside Sassy and my first breath was fluid not air. Naturally it was 12am on a Saturday night, so I just had to keep breathing with nursing every few hours until Monday. The vet gave me antibiotics for the pneumonia, but I still had two trips to the office after that with continued complications which required CPR before I was two weeks old. They weren't sure I would make it, but I never stopped fighting.
The good news is that Sassy was a wonderful mother and kept a watchful eye on me along with those humans.

After a while I settled into the routine and even let Mommy out while I slept on my toy. You can see the thermometer on the crate to be sure I was nice and warm. I was born at 13 ounces and gained an ounce a day those first weeks. At that point my weight was becoming a problem so I finally got on my feet and eventually got in the playpen for periods.

Then when I could eat on my own, I was up and at it. From the bowl in my room to the dishes outside, I just kept on growing. I still think that food is the best answer.

Needless to say I decided to stay and continue the Calcurt legacy. Check out my pedigree. I am as close to the old Calcurt line as you can get (along with my older tricolor sister and brother Shenandoah Shadow and Shendandoah Storm). They told me that Storm has become a daddy. How the generations continue.

Here I'm six months old with the family in the winter snow and Sassy Mom thinks I'm great while Rory Dad looks on in approval.

And we continue with my first litter by Ch.StoneFox Days of Thunder, a golden boy and bronze girl Born Dec. 28,2003.

Don't you think they're great?

And now my boy has the special name Calcurt Golden Talisman and his very own web page so you can follow his contribution to the Calcurt line.

I am now happily retired to my own forever family. So remember my story while my son can carry his part of the Rory/Sassy source for Calcurt.