Sophie thought we needed more Calcurt kids

And here we are, four boys and one girl born September 15, 2005. We are a combination of our father's jet black and our mother's bright red. None of us will look like our parents. We are all mahogany sables.

Our father Pal is proud of us. He suggests you check out our pedigree.

We are just two days old and already have names and distinct qualities. The dark boy at top was the last born named Draco. His sister Cassiopeia was first born. Cygnus born after Cassie comes next to the right. Then Ursa Major and Ursa Minor the biggest and smallest boys left to right below. Do you wonder about our names? They represent constellations in the Northern sky. Both of our parents carry on for KatieJ's Twinkling Starlight and our father's name Calcurt Shenandoah Storm uses Shenandoah meaning "daughter of the stars".

Here we are in order - Draco, Cassie, Cygie, Major and Minor.

With our bright white collars we intend to shine.

At three days we can do without the heating pad. And you can see our colors with Ursa Minor on top and Draco at the bottom showing a dark overlay like their grandfather Rory while Cygnus, Cassie and Major in the middle show stronger red from their mother.

Look up to see us in a row - Ursa Minor, Cygnus, Draco, Cassiopeia and Ursa Major.

Here we are at one week and although we still can't see we are looking at you - from left to right - Cassiopeia (first born red shaded girl), Draco (last born dark boy), Ursa Minor (smallest dark boy), Cygnus (red boy with ziggy blaze) and Ursa Major (big red boy with big blaze).

Once again now - Cassie, Draco, Minor, Cygie and Major.

Can you decide between us? Watch us grow.

At three weeks we have been busy moving into our new double wide home. We still have our pad where we love to be with Mom. She says we certainly have grown.

And we also go out to eat and drink and hopefully learn to use papers as bathroom/

Do you recognize Cassie, Cygnus, Minor, Major and Draco?

Also seen as Cassie, Minor, Cygnus, Major and Draco.

We have all found wonderful homes. Our mother Sophie says that she would like to try this again. But she is thinking that Falcon (who can be seen from the 2004 paragraph) might be her choice. Look out for 2006. We expect some competition.