We are Sassy's April 2004 litter

Our father and grandfather came from Japan

They quickly became American Champions as well as Japanese Champions

This gives us a very interesting pedigree.

You see the elegant tricolor AmCh/JapGrCh.PopStar SS of Northern Farm

produced our sable father Am/JapCh.Rising Dragon of Hitachi Farm.

This leads to our very interesting colors which you may have noticed

We consist of one blue merle female like our mom (on the right being licked) one dark sable male like our dad (hiding to her left muzzle) and three sable merles! The girl in the middle was pretty obvious. And the little boy to the far left showed signs quickly. But the bright boy on the right looked silver for a long time. Not one of us is a tricolor like grandpa. But we are all beautiful. Keep an eye on us as we grow.

At two weeks we're growing

By a month we're looking like puppies although we still like to sleep in our crate.

Starting at three weeks we get to eat real food.

A bit later we can play outside.

And by seven weeks we are on our own. Looking below you can see left to right are Flicker Owl and Osprey the sable merles together above Skylark the blue and Falcon the sable.

We are ready for new homes and say goodbye to Skylark.

So now we are four pups.

The first shot from left to right is Osprey, Owl, Flicker and Falcon. The second shot shows Flicker then Osprey who has very blue eyes with Owl and Falcon below.

Then Osprey is the next to get a new family.

By September we have decided that Falcon belongs in our family.

So he says hello as a four month gangly teenager.

And although he is still the new kid on the block with growing up to do

even facing away you can see he has a lot to offer.

so at eight months either inside feeling uncomfortable

or outside feeling happy

Falcon has decided to stay with us. You can see what he's doing on his own page.

Sister Skylark is doing well in her new home and sent us pictures as a youngster.

We can see her mothers' sweet expression.

And here are two grown up expressions.

And as a mommy in 2007 she presents her daughter named Tinsel . And so the generations continue.

Osprey is now called Kody and also growing up

And sister Flicker is showing how the sable merle develops.

Here she is a about 5 months and 10 months.

And on July 24 2006 Flicker also continues the generations with a lovely litter by Vader.

Don't you think we are wonderful?

Check out 2007 for Flicker's next attraction