Sassy says it's time for GIRLS!

So here we are three little angels born July 7, 2007

We are called Dove, Raven and Bluebird because our father is Calcurt Bronze Falcon. And if you wonder about our pedigree check out our siblings by Uncle Vader in 2005.

Dove is sable merle, Bluebird is blue merle and Raven of course is black.

By three weeks we start to eat puppy food.

And at four weeks we can play outside.

But even at five weeks we still sleep a lot although we do have a larger area so we can play inside when we are awake.

We love to play with the grandson Mark.

And we each love to be held.

Mark says he can't decide which he loves best. Is it Bluebird the blue merle, Dove the sable merle or Raven the tricolor?

We are now weaned so we can play outside with Sassy at seven weeks.

On a quiet moment Bluebird and Dove pose with Mom while Raven is in the background.

But when it's time to go Raven runs out while Bluebird chews Dove's tail and Sassy tries to be patient.

Since we like kids so much we all decided to live together with our very own young people.

So here we are all in a row.

And we have new names which are listed in order - Phoebe, Paige and Piper - yes we are the charmed ones. Check in as we grow.