Sassy Says It's Spring

And she thinks that means PUPPIES!

Here is a collage of our earliest pictures. We have woodland names. First born was the sable merle boy (noted by his brownish spots especially on the hip) and he is called Silver Fox. In spite of his present blue look he will turn red sable with silver tips on maturity. Second born was the blue merle girl called Badgerette. She was originally Badger but on inspection proved to be the only girl. We think she will look a lot like her aunt Skylark who you can see on daddy Falcon's birth page. And last born was Falcon's image, a dark sable boy whose color at this point is seal brown. We considered woodchuck so he will be called Chuck.

We are very proud of our mother who will be nine years old next month. Doesn't she look young? However her family thinks this is enough so we will be her last litter. Check our our pedigree which contains some wonderful old quality as close as you will ever get on our mother Sassy's side since she is a daughter of Ch.Macdega Asterisk ROM. And then consider our father Falcon who brings in the beautiful Ch.Pop Star SS of Northern Farm ROM through his sable son Ch.Rising Dragon of Hitachi Farm. This is another link that will not be repeated since he is now back in his homeland to carry on for them. We will do our best to keep up the tradition.

Of course we were only born on April 12 so we have a lot to grow into. But since we are Sassy pups that won't take long.

By the time we are two weeks old Sassy is beginning to think we are a lot of work. You can see how much we have grown.

Our eyes are open so we can keep better track of her. Note we are Fox, Chuck and Badgerette.

We still spend most of our time sleeping. Of course Chuck is clearly the brown one but Badgerette is silver merle while Fox begins to turn golden merle.

Now we're really growing up with the double crate downstairs and starting food.

We're awake a lot more but still think sleep is sweet (notice our toys).

And here we are

Chuck is getting more brown and Fox is more gold. Notice the contrast with him and Badgerette.

Then suddenly we are seven weeks old.

This means that not only do we go outside under Sassy's watchful eye but actually we have had our first shots and are able to be on our own.

So whether we're on grass or gravel Sassy gets to say "goodbye".

Fox who is now called Rufus and Badgerette who is now called Lucy find new homes and Rufus says inside is a great way to live.

While Lucy says she is beautiful in or out.

But Chuck says "You guys can go. I still have Mom". And he is ready to wait a bit longer for his forever home.

By the way do you note that other sable boy who stayed? That's my father at about the same age.

Although we're hard to tell apart, I have a tiny strip on my forehead. Some say it looks like a comet. Does that mean I'm going to shine?

Well the grandchildren think so. Still I decided to find my forever home where I am called Finito

It is great to have a special place in someone's heart and home. My brother Rufus says he can carry on Sassy's legacy while I think it is just fine to be Finito which means the end of suffering.