Sally says it's time for Vader's legacy

And here we are .......

Did you note there are six of us?

We were born March 2 and although it was quite an undertaking Sally thinks we are well worth it.

Because Dad and Mom are both tricolors we are all tricolors as well. Our grandfather Best In Show Champion Pop Star SS of Northern Farm is the most beautiful tricolor so we don't mind following in his footsteps.

Check out our pedigree which is so international that it represents the melting pot ideal with American Canadian and Japanese ingredients.

We also carry a special secret. This is Kit's first Sheltie Devil Douglas CDX and you see he was her favorite color way back then (July 1966).

We have all come a long way. Calcurt strives to blend brains with beauty. Right now we're the newborn generation and have a lot of growing to do.

We are three boys named Jazz, Beau Jangles and Ragtime.

And three girls named June and Gypsy with Rose on top (and Ragtime peeking in).

You can see how proud Sally is to have us.

At one week old we are keeping Mom busy.

Although you may not see much difference we have grown a lot. So we are June and Ragtime with Gypsy, Beau and Rose (somewhat hidden) while Jazz takes first place on Sally's front leg.

We often take turns nursing and Sally has plenty for all of us.

At two weeks we meet our first human child grandson Robert

Although Sally is watchful she accepts visitors graciously.

By now we're big enough to stretch from one end of our birthplace to the other.

If you notice we are the girls Gypsy, June and Rose

And the boys Jazz, Ragtime and Beau.

The big changes come starting at three weeks.

We're still Jazz on top with Gypsy & Ragtime in the soft box. Then Rose Beau and June are checking out the paper.

We are out of Kit's bedroom and into the computer room with our birth crate nestled into two larger crates which gives us double the space.

Sure looks interesting to us says Rose.

Mommy can hop in and hang out with us if she wants.

Rose gets private time on the newspaper by Sally while the others are sleeping. Soon we will learn that paper is for messy times and soft is for sleeping.

When Sally's away we get on the paper side to try real dog food (which Sally then eats when she comes back and nurses us as we still prefer).

Have you noticed we're quite the individuals by now. Guess that's what our new families think. Beau will be living nearby in Galilee. Jazz will be going to Rhode Island. June thinks she may carry on. And Gypsy with Rose are going to Upstate New York.

So the first born was the last to go.

Now Ragtime has sweet dreams of his new home to be.

At five weeks we have lots of energy and prefer to spend our time in the kitchen.

We are completely weaned. You can see how we still love food and why Sally deserved a break.

Almost six weeks and we love to play. How do you like our playmate? Robert seems to enjoy grandma's puppies.

Jazz likes to go head to head.

While Ragtime thinks it's nice to snuggle.

Rose and Gypsy say hi to their family in waiting.

Finally the boys settle down.

Jazz likes a toy while Ragtime prefers the bed all by himself.

Yes we are fully six weeks old with our shots so we can go outside and of course we find food wherever we go.

Wow that house looks awfully big to us.

Keep checking in to follow the progress of this very special group.