Falcon Met Sally - - -

And then we were born.

Since we are December babies we have Holiday names.

We think we are growing up nicely.

Kris (now known as Shelby in the middle and then with his back to you) has already gone to his new home.

But Holly and Nick think they want to play together a bit more.

We're so busy moving you just get to see our lovely markings and fluffy coats but Holly stops long enough to say "Hi"

Our breeding is impressive, doubling

BISCh.Pop Star SS of Northern Farm (Musashi)

He is Sally's father and Falcon's grandfather

So we have a lot to live up to.

Don't you think we show promise?

We would like you to check our pedigree which includes two Sassy combinations including our own Rory through his daughter Shadow.

And we have a new friend called Tinsel. As you can see from her own page, she is another combination of Sassy and Musashi growing up at Calcurt.

We are now called the three T's. This describes our developing personalities.

Holly is Terrific. She is so sure of herself and usually the first one in and out of doors and experiences.

Nick is Tentative. He tends to hang back and wait to see what happens. He is not afraid but rather deliberate in his decisions.

Tinsel is Tender. She is so sweet even when others push past her like Holly or ignore her like Nick. When Grandma Sassy and Aunt Sally put Tinsel in her place she just wags her tail and wriggles past to play. Looks like she will fit in just fine.

See how we have grown.

Now we are five months and outside. We have all our shots and are ready for training. On leash we repeat our three T categories. Nick trots which means he should be happy on walks and in the show ring. Holly touches which means she should be good at obedience and herding from behind. Tinsel tugs which means she is a leader for herding or agility.

And now it is midsummer. Nick and Tinsel have gone to a wonderful home where they are now known as Calcurt William Wallace and Calcurt Blue Banshee. And we are pleased to announce the beautiful Calcurt Brass Buttons (formerly known as Holly).

My father Falcon approves of me.

And my mother Sally the tricolor says I carry her dark gene unlike that other Falcon girl, Belle.

Now Belle says we have enough Falcon daughters so she thinks I should go.

While grandma Sassy tries to ignore how lovely I am.

And in the long run I bid farewell ... but look who is hiding nearby. Yes, Belle decided to hitchhike. So both of us now live with Jane and Mike at Millennium Shelties. Mother Sally on my right and father Falcon on my left say I have a job to carry on their quality. So take a look at me now.

Here is my first photo shoot at my new home (thanks to StoneyAcre). You note I have blown my puppy coat but Mommy says that gives you a great opportunity to note my exquisite structure. And of course my expression is still there. Don't you think I grew up pretty?

Remember I am not quite a year old so really in my teenage stage. Keep checking in to see how I grow up.