I am Calcurt Bronze Falcon, Sassy's sable son.

I was born in 2004 during the brief period my father was visiting from Japan.

Since I was a pretty pup not to mention a Champion sired sable Sassy son, they decided to grow me out.

After all my father Ch.Rising Dragon of Hitachi Farm CD had to go home.

As a youngster they thought I looked a lot like him althoiugh I did go through some stages and came from a very unusual litter.

And now as an adult I can step back and admire my offspring.

That is my beautiful daughter Belle in the front with her mother Sophie on the right and my grown up self on the left. The young tri in the middle is my son Calcurt William Wallace with his mother Sally back left and grandmother Sassy back right.

And although I may not get to the shows like my father Ch.Rising Dragon of Hitachi Farm, I can carry on his quality through my pedigree which reflects generations of careful breeding from many parts of the world including Japan and Canada.

Don't forget to check out my babies from Sophie and Sally and Sassy. and an apparent bi black probably cryptic blue daughter of Vader called Zoe.

It looks like I'm giving Vader a run for his money don't you think? I even got to be the father of Sassy's last babies who continue to show the quality I can produce.

Now people are starting to say that the girls from my very first two litters are pretty as pictures.

So Belle out of coat gives a tentative pose.

While Buttons thinks this is a bit more fun so gets double shots.

Even at this awkward stage we think they both show great promise and similar type. Thank you StoneyAcre for the beautiful pictures. And thank you Millennium Shelties for our opportunity to get out in the world.

And on March 7 2008 I become a grandfather!

Check out my beautiful girls

And keep checking in as my family grows.