We are Calcurts At Work

What do you think of our activities?

One of our most important jobs is going for walks with our humans

They say this helps blood pressure and weight loss as well as overall good feelings produced by healthy exercise. After all, we know how to make activity interesting with our antics. Notice that we are off lead. This is because we have been taught how to behave for our own safety. When Mom says "off" we jump to the side of the country road to avoid infrequent traffic. And when she says "OK" we leap back near her to see what is next. The group pictured in 2006 includes Pal and Sophie on a temporary visit. Mom tries to keep our numbers closer to five than seven but pups always tempt her to keep us for a while. Don't you think we are worth it?

Some of our new owners have special requests for working ability.

If you haven't checked Sophie's page you need to see Calcurt Curtain Call, UDX! Kaley is a daughter of our foundation stud Calcurt Rich Reward and has been a happy obedience worker for Lynn Thomas. She contributes through Sophie and daughter Belle at Calcurt.

Obedience was our first love and here is Kit with her first Sheltie Devil Douglas CDX in July 1966.

Under that obedience capability we found the herding gene strong in our family.

Sassy and Vader's daughter Daisy shows us that Shelties still carry out the herding instinct.

But she likes to do it in a bigger way with CATTLE!

Now it's time for Daisy's sister Echo.

Along with all this activity sometimes the older generation (dogs and people) do therapy.

Vader's brother Bear and Sassy's sister Gwyn visit their owner Fred as he is recovering from a stroke.

The young Falcon and Sophie son Beau thinks agility is fun.

While Vader's bi blue daughter Tara from Falcon's sister Flicker says agility is a family thing.

And we always remember that LOVE is our greatest gift.

Do you have any more pictures of Calcurts at work? Please send them in so we can include their accomplishments.