Belle Babies

Look what I did!

On March 7, 2008 my father Falcon became a grandfather! I guess you noticed that makes me a first time mother.

Millennium has two lovely ladies from me by Am/Can.Ch.Dan Dee Love of the Game who they call Rafter. Isn't he a special boy and don't they have a lot to live up to? Thank you StoneyAcre for sharing him with us.

Well that was their first day but I was a good mother and now they're six weeks old.

And by eight weeks they are looking like little Shelties.

Now they have names and Emma (who is looking away) has decided to stay at Millennium Shelties and become a show girl like me Calcurt Golden Belle. Sissy (who is looking at you) has found a forever home and will be happy to be a beautiful companion.

It will take time but we will let you know how Emma develops and what is next in my plans. Don't you think I've come a long way baby!